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The Home Rent Malta Story

Having already launched a property selling website in Malta ( It was a no brainer to delve into the world of Rental. With the same customer service that is outstanding in its field for all our clients; we bring you

So Why are We Different? is all about matching great landlords with great tenants – essentially we are a ‘match maker for property’

We list Landlords online – Landlords who are committed to providing a great service to their Tenants; from Proper Utility Bills to Providing Rent Receipts and generally being ‘good guys’ and that’s not all – Tenants who have been ‘Referenced’ and can show that they are who they say they are. We just match these two great parties and voila – a ‘Property Match’

We do not charge Landlords to list their properties, but of course they are committed to providing a service that any Tenant would expect, and we charge Tenants a small fee – only €30 to reference check and confirm personal details – (payable when property has been found) and no other fees are applied.

For far too long High Street Agents have been charging huge fees to let property on the Island – and what service do they offer? Is it any wonder Landlords have resorted to listing on Facebook sites for Tenants. While this may reduce fees to agents, letting your property to someone you know nothing about raises its own potential costly issues!

With both sides offering their fair share of ‘horror stories’ (too many to list here and we don’t want to scare you) Is it any wonder that there is mistrust and suspicion in the land of property rental?

We here at want to erase all the mistrust and provide an ‘Assured Match Maker Self Service’ For Landlords and Tenants. We are determined to provide (all online) guides and advice for all parties so that they are well informed about Renting Property here in Malta & Gozo.

We cannot wait to get you started on your new search – Providing all the help and guidance you need, allowing you to make your own informed decisions!

Julie Mckenzie

Founder of


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