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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Advertising Property For Rental on

  1. Thank you for accessing our Services here at (Website) on any digital online platform or mobile device. Please be aware that by using our online service you explicitly agree to our Terms And Conditions. It is highly recommended that you read in full all Terms and Conditions and any content contained in these “Terms of Use”.
  1. The term “LandLord” (Lessor) shall be used throughout our correspondence and information to signify the owner of a property wishing to rent out residential or commercial property on our website. ‘LandLords” will be solely responsible and liable for ensuring that the correct information in any advertising is accurate.
  1. The “LandLord” will not be permitted to advertise property on this website that has a lease term of less than 31 days.

3.1) Any property listed on is with the understanding that a ‘Lease’ shall be provided showing Dates/Utility Tariffs/Inventory and that receipts are provided for all monies                   paid to the landlord from the tenant.

3.2) Tenants are required to provide information that will be passed to for the sole nature of referencing.  It is agreed by Tenants using this platform that further information                   may be required from but not limited to an employer/former landlord or financial institution.

  1. The “LandLord” must be the legal guardian/owner of the advertised property or an appointed agent or authorised manager of the property owner.
  1. employs a “Fair Use” system of 3 calendar months. From first date of advertising property will show as available on website after which it will be removed after 3 calendar months. Our “Fair Use” Term is to ensure that rented property does not remain as showing “available” on our website, when leased successfully. Any Land Lord is free to re-advertise property for a further 3 months if said property has not been leased.
  1. “LandLords” can advertise any number of properties on the website; provided that they are the legal owner/guradian or agent as per paragraph 4.
  1. When you load your property onto the website you as a “LandLord” have authorised us to advertise your content and photographs. has a right to distribute, copy, reproduce and display all content provided in a non-exclusive form, using all known media available today or in the future.
  1. The “LandLord” has a right to access, read and download all “guides” and “advice” published on website, provided it is for their sole use. All materials cannot be republished or distributed or modified. All materials contained in this website come under the sole ownership of the company Home Sale Malta Ltd.
  1. No content of the Web Site or any mobile device can be republished or distributed or modified.
  1. All trademarks are the property of the company Home Sale Malta Ltd.
  1. uses third party links on the website. While this is for information purposes only, HomeRentMalta has no control over third party content and does not necessary endorse any views of third party links. Any access to links and hyperlinks throughout the website is expressly carried out at our own risk.
  1., its parent company HomeSaleMalta Ltd, its founder and directors; accepts no responsibility for any lose to or damage to profits or costs incurred for replacement of goods or any data damage occurring from using website.
  1. By advertising your property on the website – it is with the explicit understanding that does not accept any responsibility, liability or blame for any individual tenant that is connected to a property through the website. The letting process of a property between “Land Lord” (Lessor) and “the Tenant” (lessee) is a private arrangement between these two individual parties. It is understood between HomeRentMalta and the “Land Lord” that an advertising platform is provided to showcase property. It is also Understood that accepts no responsibility, liability or blame between “The Tenant and LandLord” The process of accepting and the process of offering a rental contract (lease) between said “LandLord” and said “Tenant” is considered a private contract between these two parties.
  1. waives all requirements that impose any obligation to provide a Lease Document. has no obligation to provide any service in negotiating or liaising or discussing the brokerage of a lease document between the “Land Lord” and “The Tenant” The website is classed and accepted by all parties as a platform only; allowing “Land Lords” (Lessors) and “Tenants” (Lessees) to interact. does not at any stage form or become part of any contractual document or relationship. Likewise is under no legal obligation to provide any mediation arising from any dispute between “Land Lord” and “Tenant”
  1. “Land Lords” their guardians/legal agents or managers purchase a “listing” space to advertise property for rental. “Listing Space” is available for “Fair Use” 3 months. Listing Fees where applicable are non-refundable if advertisement is removed by “Land lord” after being loaded and live on website.

16.  All Agents must declare there Fee Structure on any advertisement they list on website.

17.  Any communication between prospective tenants and Agents has no connection to other than using the website as an advertising outlet.









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