Your Responsibilities as a Tenant

This article was going to be titled “your rights and responsibilities…” but here in Malta there are very few rights as a Tenant. In the UK as an example, there is legislation to protect rights of both tenant and landlord and rights protecting deposits, unfortunately here in Malta the law is heavily biased in favour of the landlord and disputes going to court are cripplingly slow.

Read any online forum about renting property here in Malta and you would think the whole system has gone crazy. However, remember that the majority of landlords here in Malta are law abiding citizens who are looking to provide their tenants with sound property, be on hand if needed – in return for a good tenant, who pays their rent on time and looks after the property.



What you can be assured off is:

  • The right to habitable premises. While not suggesting 5* luxury, you do have the right to a habitable place with safe electrics, structurally sound and secure doors/windows.
  • Working water both hot and cold (note; when there is a power cut in Malta expect your water to go off, this is not the responsibility of your landlord)
  • You have the right to live in privacy. The landlord may own the building but that doesn’t mean they can come in at any time. Your lease should state that the landlord must give 24 hours notice and that notice be agreeable. Any other time a landlord must have your permission to enter the property. Of course in an emergency (burst water pipe or fire) when you are not there it is common sense for the Landlord to enter.

What the Landlord expects of you is fairly simple:

  • All terms of the lease to be adhered to
  • Keep the property clean, this is not too hard is it?
  • Keep the property in good repair
  • If you cause any damage pay for it.
  • Pay your rent on time.




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