Utility Bills in Malta

One of the main; if not THE main grievance from renters (Maltese and other Nationals) in Malta is the incorrect Utility Charges applied to Electric and Water Bills.  Again we want to provide you with information that will help you in your quest to be a better landlord or a happy tenant! Unlike other Letting Agents on the Island HomeRentMalta.com is committed to providing a customer service that ensures great landlords are recognised and great tenants can be satisfied that they are receiving the best service.

Just to repeat our ‘mantra’ this Island is full of great landlords and great tenants – we just want to be sure you both meet up!

While your electricity is supplied on the island by Enemalta Plc  (www.enemalta.com.mt), utility bills are calculated and issued by the Automated Revenue Management Services Ltd; ARMS.  (www.smartutilities.com.mt) This is a private company owned jointly with the Enemalta Corporation and the Water Services Corporation.  All Bills are made payable to ARMS Ltd.  It is ARMS you will deal with to implement any changes to your electricity and water meters.

There are 3 variations of Electricity & Water Tariffs on the Island:

  • Residential: For ALL people living in their Primary Residence. Units Charged from 0.1047 cents.
  • Domestic: For empty or occasionally used premises.  Units charged from 0.1365 cents.
  • Non-Residential: For Businesses. Units charged from 0.162 cents.

There is also the added calculation of ‘how many residents’ actually live in the property, this is important to note as this accurate registering ensures the correct ‘ECO REDUCTION’ is applied to the Residential account. For example 25% for single person households.

It all sounds so easy – of course what has happened over the years is that various properties that are being let out to tenants have differing tariffs applied, not necessarily the correct Residential Rate.  Another complication is that if a company owns the building with a tenant renting as their main residence: the tariff is commonly set at Non-Residential.  While this may sound like a storm in a tea cup – consider that the wrong tariff can mean a bill of 43-103.4% higher than the correct residential tariff that a tenant living in the primary residence is legally entitled to.

It is with this information that we advise: before any lease is signed; that a prospective tenant must confirm the tariff that they are going to be charged.  If a landlord does not know or is unhelpful about giving the correct information then we advice tenants not to sign a lease.  A great landlord will be happy to help fill out the necessary paperwork to get meters changed to the Residential Tariff.

Before listing any property on our web site we do ask landlords which tariff their property is registered with, however we cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies and it is the tenant who must check these details before signing any lease.

There will be, and are; landlords on the island who are completely unaware of any discrepancy in the tariff system, which is why we have included the correct forms that can easily be downloaded to rectify the issue if required.

If you are in a premises and you suspect you have the wrong tariff, then you have the right to get this changed.

We have attached 5 separate tables that show you the discrepancies between the 3 Tariffs.


Useful Contact Details and Information:

Online Calculator to check your bills. (ARMS)

Enemalta, Main provider of electricity in Malta


(Form H is required to change your tariff to residential.  The landlord and tenant will need to confirm details on this form)

Facebook Site of Class Action Against ARMS LTD

(all figures and courtesy of Joanna MacRae and Class Action Against ARMS LTD)


To Recap:

  • A great Landlord will happily confirm all details of Tariff Settings on meter.

  • A great Landlord will happily fill out Form H if necessary.

  • A great Landlord will provide an ARMS bill as proof of consumption and tariff.

  • A great Tenant will not sign a lease until above has been clarified.

Knowledge is Power!