Inventory and Why You Should Have One

Nearly every property that is available to rent here in Malta will be furnished.   It is less common although not impossible, to find an unfurnished property. If you do need an unfurnished property, some Landlords may agree to empty their property for you.   This would only happen if a long lease were being signed.

Your new landlord should supply you with an Inventory, however, here in Malta this is not necessarily the case. It is then advised that if your landlord is not presenting an Inventory for you at the start of your lease – you take matters into your own hands.




A copy of an inventory can be downloaded here and both you and your landlord should have a walk through the property and agree what is to be listed. Take your camera or mobile phone and photograph everything! – that makes the job easier. For example if on move in day, you see a cracked floor tile, snap it for your records. These can all be sent to your landlord by mobile phone and hence backed up with the written list, an accurate record is then kept.

By having an inventory both parties then are protected in the event of a dispute. Where the inventory fails is by the lack of information. All details must reflect the content and also the condition of items. Marking the walls as ‘having a few scuffs’ is not as clear as backing this up with a photo. Do not be tempted to use abbreviations they may not make sense to anyone else reading the report.

Of course we can prepare this for you, if your landlord agrees, check out our services.




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