Getting Your Deposit Back

In most EU countries there is a provision for rental deposits being secured by a 3rd party, so that in the case of any dispute there is legislation in place and arbitration. Effectively meaning a landlord cannot refuse to return the deposit. This is (so far) not the case in Malta. The most hotly contested forum you will read online…second only to the electricity tariffs; will be the return of the deposit. You will read that some tenants have never had a deposit returned. Every excuse is offered to not return the deposit, which is why we have these guides available to help.




Again as I have said elsewhere, I have had to date 3 landlords. Everyone has been the most delightful individual and a pleasure to know. I have had my deposit paid back without any problem the last twice I have moved. (i’m still living in my 3rd property) Was I special? Was I unique? No, I paid my rent on time, paid my utility bills and looked after the property I was living in.

So here are some tips to ensure there is no excuse for your landlord holding on to your deposit.

  • Have a Lease signed and witnessed, clearly stating the method of deposit return.
  • Have an Inventory from when you moved in…with photos…of everything!
  • Keep the property clean and in a good state of repair.
  • If you have damaged anything then repair/replace to good order and standard.
  • If you have decided to give your notice to your Landlord do this before the actual contractual time frame. Invite your Landlord to inspect the property at least 4 weeks before you plan to vacate. Have your original Inventory and photographs ready. Offer the deposit being held as the last month payment. (your landlord does not have to agree with this of course)

It may interest you to know that any Landlord refusing to return deposits will not be allowed to advertise on our website.




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