Hello and Welcome to our ‘online rental portal’ Chances are if you are looking for a rental property here in Malta –  you’ve come across high street agencies who charge you a fortune, don’t have any property that you would want to live in OR; have heard so many horror stories on Renting Property in Malta that you’re wondering what you have let yourself in for!

Our aim here at HomeRentMalta.com is to ‘match’ great landlords with great tenants. There’s lots of advice and loads of guides that are FREE for tenants to download – all designed to keep you informed and enable your search for your next property – to be a smooth as possible.

We do not charge you any fees to find your new property. Our landlords do however have the option of requesting a Reference Check on new Tenants. If so, we charge you a small administration fee of (€25 per adult named on the lease) to reference check your details – only when you have found a property that you love. Referencing includes checking your passport or I.D number with CreditInfo.com. We may even contact your employer for a character reference, where applicable. In return you will find landlords who list with HomeRentMalta.com stating if they provide a lease, receipts for all payments you make, and most importantly; if they are offering a property with the correct Utility Tariffs for Electricity and Water.

Agents Advertising

We do allow high street agents to advertise on our website.  These agents will be clearly highlighted and of course you have the option to rent from them.  Please note that agents will be charging you a fee to rent a property from them.

Added Services

We offer tenants lots of advice to enable finding a great new rental property easier. Our advice is free of course and you can access all our download documents anytime.

Property Match Making!  Lets find that new rental!

Julie Mckenzie

founder of HomeRentMalta.com




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