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Welcome to the HomeRentMalta.com website where we are committed to providing advice and guidance on the Property Rental Market here in Malta. While we encourage landlords to load their own properties, we are delighted to include Letting Agents in an effort to provide Tenants with a superior choice of property availability.

You may note too that we have lots of advice and guidance to both Landlords and Tenants on the subject of renting property here in Malta.  We recommend that you read through these too – for no other reason than to prepare your own Tenants and their expectations.

A Letting Agent may list as many properties as they wish.  Just create a ‘profile’ as normal.  Say something here about you and your services as this is shown to Tenants – also it is advisable to display your company logo in place of your avatar. Remember to list your contact number and email.

To Clarify, you must also state that you are a Letting Agent, and that you intend to charge the Tenant a fee for your services.  This can all be done on the property listing page. Your basic property listings are free! That is not going to change in the future we can assure you.  Are we saints? You may be asking yourselves! Well Yes! but we shall in the future introduce different services that we can offer Letting Agents, those services shall require a fee, but that again shall be optional.

Please note that if the property is already listed with either owner or other agency on our site, then we cannot accept a multiple listing. All properties are removed after 3 months under our ‘Fair Use’ policy. This is to ensure that properties are not advertised when they have already been let out. Any property that has not been let after the 3 month ‘fair use’ can easily be re-listed.




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