Writing a property description

When it comes to writing your property description there are really only 2 parts to keep in mind.

  • The features of the property
  • The property details.

Think of the ‘features’ as the selling points and the details to go further in-depth of the property.




A Tenant will have a list of criteria that they search for, and this is what you should bear in mind when you are writing your description. As an example:

  • The number of bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Is the property Furnished/Unfurnished?
  • A/C
  • Outside space? Is there a terrace? Roof Access?
  • Is there a Garage?
  • Location and transport links? Shops and restaurants nearby.

Remember when you go to list your property you will find many feature options that you just need to tick the box to highlight.


Try to imagine what type of tenant would suit your property.  Are you marketing towards the young professionals, or an elderly couple?  A family with children may want to know about local schools and youth clubs. While an elderly couple may want level access and a lift.

You may wish to mention the style of the property, Detached Villa with Pool or 2nd Floor Apartment. Other ‘features’ can include:

  • Type of cooking Hob, very important here in Malta.
  • Type of Shower/bathing facilities.
  • Type of furnishings (if applicable) Modern? Contemporary?  Traditional?


Property Details on the other hand allow you to expand your description, but be careful not to mislead!  Your description must represent your property accurately, or, you will waste valuable viewing time.  Remember to keep everything upbeat and positive.


“A modern Two Bedroomed, 1st Floor Apartment situated in….”

“A traditional Maltese Town House, 3 Beds all with en-suite, and roof…”

“A great 4 bed detached Villa with Pool.  New Fully Fitted Kitchen with Modern Appliances….”

Try to be creative without merely writing a list.  A ‘cosy’ living room as opposed to a ‘small’ living room. Remember this is your chance to introduce your property to future tenants who are searching online and probably looking at 10’s if not 100’s of similar properties. If you have a ‘power shower’ and ‘marble tiling’ say so!  Modern kitchen appliances? Name them.  If you are lucky enough to have views, then state clearly what they are.  You want your property to stand out!

Of Course the best way to showcase your property is with photographs!  Be sure to read our ‘How to Photograph’ guide.


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