Photographing your Rental Home

It is fair to say that Malta has a ‘buoyant’ rental market! Which is great of course but it does mean there is a lot of competition out there! Having great photos of your property instantly projects you head and shoulders over all those similar apartments!

Don’t Panic though! A good photo doesn’t mean an expensive camera. A good phone or iPad device should suffice but take your time and set up the shot first, put some thought into it!

Open all the shutters and drapes. You want the light to flood into the property, so put all the lights on as this helps produce a good shot. Take the photo during the day.




If your property is one of many apartments in a block, make an internal shot your main photo. This also works if the exterior is not appealing.

If your property has outside space; pool, garage or garden, make sure these are shown.

Don’t forget to take photos of any roof space, yards, and any views!

If you can sit outside then set the photo to show this, set a table, open the umbrella. Let your photos tell as big a story about your property as possible.

It goes without saying that the property should be clean and tidy..the camera lens never lies! Advertising a property online means it can be visible to the whole world…yes really! So clear out the rubbish, hide the bin and if you are letting a ‘furnished’ property then make sure the beds are all made. If you have fantastic features, like a Vaulted Ceiling or Traditional Balconies then make sure to show a photograph. Always always make sure the loo seat is down!

Adopt a few tricks that professionals use to get that perfect shot; stand on a chair to get a better angle for example, try and not to have people/pets in the shot. Keep the camera at the right angle, measure in line with a window or wall corner to keep camera/phone/Ipad straight.

Take loads of photos from different angles. Digital photos cost nothing, so take lots to get the best shot. These photos can be used again and again remember

On the other hand we here at HomeRentMalta.com can assist you in getting your property online.

If you would rather we took the photos for you and write a description – just give us a call on +356 2778 0396. We can get you all listed for only €35 and you can use the photos again and again! We have you covered.




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