Guide to Tenant Referencing

Do You Want just anyone moving into your property?

Do You Want someone who has connected over Facebook to move into your property?

Do You Want someone you know nothing about moving into your property?



If the answer is NO then you need your tenants Referenced! That is just what we do! A referenced tenant is a way to protect yourself and your property against rogue tenants.

We never want to think that the worst will happen, and while there can be no guarantees, a referenced tenant is a tenant who has provided details that prove they are who they say they are. Where possible we will also attempt to speak to any previous landlord.

Furthermore, a referenced tenant has provided employer details and we have verified through CreditInfo* their ID and Address. We have checked that they have no outstanding negative payments and as far as possible that they are worthy to be living in your property.


FREE to all our landlords

Our Tenant Referencing Service is FREE to all our landlords, and should provide an indication of good intentions by your prospective tenant.  It should be noted that our Referencing Service will log any missed payments and be registered throughout other credit agencies around Europe, this alone acts a deterrent to anyone thinking o not paying bills while registered at your property.

You, as a Landlord can ask for extra information from your tenant, such as bank statements. This is crucial for showing ability to pay.

You as a Landlord are also able to ask for ‘Next of kin’ details. This again is effective for tracing tenants who may leave outstanding debts with you.

About Guarantors

A Tenant with no or poor credit reference may offer the service of a ‘Guarantor’. A guarantor enters an agreement with the Landlord to pay any outstanding rent due, should the tenant default.

If you are happy with the Tenant, but, they have not produced a good credit history, then you may suggest the tenant paying a number of months rent in advance.

While this does show goodwill – we still suggest collecting rent in advanced months throughout the tenancy.

Please note!  If you have met the tenant and they have passed all checks but you are still not comfortable with them being in your property, for whatever reason! – then please do not accept them.  Your Property is one of the most valuable possessions you own.  Do not get persuaded to have someone living in your property you are not happy with.  If your Property is well finished the next tenant will not be far away.

It is really easy to get your Tenant Referenced.  Just refer them back to us and we will do the rest!




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