Conducting A Viewing

Conducting a viewing to meet any potential tenant at your property it is a fantastic opportunity to gauge what you think of them. Do not underestimate the power of initial reactions on whether you like or dislike someone. You are about to have a ‘relationship’ with this person and they are taking over the keys of your property.

Decide first of all if you wish to see potential tenants on an individual appointment; which can be time consuming, but does allow for private conversation. Or you may prefer to have an ‘open house’ day. We would certainly recommend this if you have to travel to your Rental Property or even better if you have had a great response to your advertisement. Combine both by allocating 15-20 minute slots to viewers. Multiple viewings can create a sense of urgency in a potential tenant, so you may get plenty of interest. It is advisable to have some help with you in case a few viewers arrive at once.



Showing the Tenant Around

When you are at your property and showing your prospective tenant around it is very important to guide them around your whole property. Go over everything that you mentioned in your Online Description, and everything else that you feel is important. You are not selling your property but Renting it! This does not have to be your tenants ‘dream home’ but a comfortable, clean and convenient residence for this particular time in their lives.

What are your Standards?

It is imperative that at this stage you make clear to any viewer what your ground rules are. As an example, if you want Rent Money paid on a certain day, the pool cleaned or the car parked on the left had side of the garage. Whatever is important to you and your tenancy – then state that clearly here at the initial viewing stage. It goes without saying that everything you discuss here is put in writing as part of your lease agreement. By stating these standards from the outset you will avoid potential problems in the future.

Your Contact Details

We are delighted to handle routine enquiries from your viewers, however it is very important that if you find a tenant then refer them to us directly. This enables us to conduct their ‘Reference Check’ and provide this information to you before you sign a formal letting agreement.



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