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Incorrect Utility Rates in Malta

by Julie McKenzie
20th February 2015
Category:   Blog Features

What renters need to know to beat unfair utility rates, save money and be able to keep the lights on at the end of the month

It is a common practice among rogue landlords not to inform tenants that their electricity and water consumption is being incorrectly and unfairly charged at the most expensive rate possible in Malta.

In this blog post, David, a 24-year-old Maltese tenant who started renting his first home 5 months ago and one of the writers at our internet marketing firm Systemato, shares the seven steps he took to correct his billing tariff after his landlord recently admitted that he was being charged at the incorrect rate.

Here at we believe this information is so valuable for tenants that we compiled a FREE 21-page guide, which we’re giving away to our subscribers when they sign up for our email alerts.

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Our step-by-step guide explains the entire process of correcting your utility rates in greater detail and gathers together in one place all the information and application forms you need.

We’ve made the process so easy to understand that tenants can benefit from their right to cheaper residential rates without ever having to experience the confusion, frustration and stress which this topic usually causes.

Fixing the damage: A 7-step process

The process involves filling out a minimum of two forms, will require a hefty deposit to be made by the tenant, and everything depends on having the full support of your landlord.

If the landlord refuses to cooperate, there’s absolutely nothing a tenant can do about it.

#1 – ACTION: Check your current account type.

#2 – ACTION: Download and print all the relevant forms from the ARMS Ltd website.

There are two different forms which you need to download and print.

  • Form F – Registration of change in consumer (Download here)
  • Form H – Change in number of persons declaration (Download here)

#3 – QUESTION: Is your landlord on board with the change?

This is the most crucial step in the process. Your landlord will fill in and sign each one of the forms listed above, therefore he or she has absolute power over whether to endorse your efforts to change your tariff to residential or not.

HINT: Here at we won’t charge landlords anything to list their rental property. But we will insist that they play fair.

#4 – QUESTION: Who’s the current account holder?

Only your landlord can answer this question. The account holder can either be a company or the landlord.

#5 – ACTION: Fill out the required forms.

You and your landlord will have to fill in and sign Form F first. The landlord will fill in Section D – Outgoing Person, whereas you will fill in Section E – Incoming Person. Both you have to sign the form and attach the required documentation.

After submitting Form F and receiving confirmation that you’re now the account holder, you will then fill in and sign Form H.

#6 – ACTION: Prepare any extra documentation you require.

#7 – ACTION: Submit the completed forms to ARMS Ltd.

You will first submit Form F. Since you’re attaching a cheque covering the refundable guarantee deposit and other documents, you’ll have to send this form by post to the following address:

P.O. Box 63
Marsa MRS1000

After two to four weeks, you’ll receive confirmation that you’re now the account holder; now it’s time to send Form H.

The simplest way to submit Form H is by sending a scanned image or high-quality photo of the completed form and your ID card by email on:


Wait! There’s more where that came from

In our free guide to changing your utility rate we delve into each step in much greater detail, showing exactly what you have to do and providing you with the application forms you need to start benefiting from lower utility rates.

Get a free copy of the HomeRentMalta Guide to Utility Tariffs

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