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Category Archives: Blog Features

New Beginnings For Home Rent Malta

Home Rent Malta has new owners moving in. We are pleased to announce that a new duo from  Fresh Lettings Malta will be taking over the site and giving it a fresh overhaul. Owner Julie McKenzie is going to be concentrating on her successful property sales company  San Martin Properties and Home Sale Malta …

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8 easy tips to decorate a rental home without losing your deposit

It’s the question on every renter’s mind: Why can’t I decorate my own home? I’m sure you can relate to the frustration of coming back to your place and opening the door to find a neutral, impersonal room yawning back at you. Sometimes renters feel like they’re living in a hotel room, which is …

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Incorrect Utility Rates in Malta

What renters need to know to beat unfair utility rates, save money and be able to keep the lights on at the end of the month It is a common practice among rogue landlords not to inform tenants that their electricity and water consumption is being incorrectly and unfairly charged at the most expensive …

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Is renting a home a waste of money?

Shedding new light on long-held misconceptions about renting in Malta and Gozo The Maltese people are traditionally homeowners and the older generation still clings to the ideal of a lifelong family home. However, changing lifestyles in the 21st century have made renting a very attractive alternative for the younger generation, and the financial advantages …

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5 Essential Tips To Find Your Perfect Rental Home

Are you new to the world of renting in Malta and Gozo? If you’re thinking about renting a place then these five must-know tips will guide you straight to the doorstep of your perfect rental home. So far on the blog we explained how landlords can find great tenants, how tenants can make …

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Finding the Perfect Landlord in Malta and Gozo

5 Qualities All Tenants Secretly Wish Their Landlord Had But Very Rarely Do For many young people who have just moved out of their family home and are striking out on their own for the first time, or people who plan on staying and working in a country for a short while before packing …

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5 Things Every Landlord Looks for in a Tenant – How to Spot and Keep Excellent Occupants in Your Rental Property

Ask any landlord what their biggest fear is and I’ll bet they’ll give you the exact same answer. My number one fear is: A LOUSY TENANT! You know exactly who I’m talking about. The one who comes up with a new excuse whenever their rent is due. The one who annoys the other people …

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