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8 easy tips to decorate a rental home without losing your deposit

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by Julie McKenzie
27th February 2015
Category:   Blog Features

It’s the question on every renter’s mind: Why can’t I decorate my own home?

I’m sure you can relate to the frustration of coming back to your place and opening the door to find a neutral, impersonal room yawning back at you. Sometimes renters feel like they’re living in a hotel room, which is certainly a far cry from home sweet home.

Naturally, there are good reasons for this bothersome requirement. Landlords don’t want to foot any bills for repainting the walls after you’ve speckled pink and yellow polka dots all over them, or to fill up the holes left by the frames or shelves you’ve nailed in.

And if it does come to that, then they’re likely to pay it from your security deposit and ask you to cover any extra expenses beyond that.

Safe ways to decorate a rental home

Luckily, there are still some harmless ways you can personalise your living space and make it feel more like a home rather than a shelter.

In this article, I’ll suggest eight high-impact, low-commitment decorating ideas which are sure to transform your home into something you can finally feel comfortable in.

Oh, and they won’t put your security deposit at risk either!

Rental home decorating ideas

1 – Paint or affix wallpaper to your furniture instead of the walls

Here’s a fun idea. Instead of painting the walls, use the furniture you buy as the canvas for your artistic skills. Another cool alternative to add a touch of colours to your rooms is to affix wallpaper to the back of a bookcase. They’re both perfect ideas for artsy people who want to give their rental a quick makeover.

2 – Use removable decals or wallpaper for walls

If painting isn’t really up your street, then you can always shop around online or at crafts shops in Malta for removable decals or wallpaper for your walls. There are also tile stickers which you can put on bathroom tiles to freshen up the place and take a welcome break from the monotonous blue and/or white tiles you always find.

3 – Spice up your living room with cushions, curtains and other fabrics

Probably the easiest way to add colour, warmth and personality to your home is simply by chucking a few new cushions on your bed or sofa. Couple that with some matching curtains and a tablecloth, and you’ll find your rental place completely rejuvenated!

4 – Add a fancy new rug to tie it all together

This is classic decoration advice. A well-placed rug can work wonders in any home and make the whole place feel more cosy.

A strategically placed rug ties up the room.

5 – Change light fixtures, cabinet knobs and pulls, and shower heads

This strategy is often overlooked by renters as a way to easily and cheaply change the look of their apartments. With very little effort you can install glamorous lighting fixtures and swap your old shower head with a luxurious multi-jet piece, giving your home an instant boost of elegance.

6 – Using bookshelves as a colourful focal point

This is a very clever tip I found on the internet. If you have a large collection of books you can show them off and add liveliness to your home by arranging them according to colour. Easy to do and marks you out as both a well-read person and a true aesthete.

7 – Put up a memo board and stick your notes on it

Another low-cost, low-effort addition to your kitchen could be a memo board which you can hang up on the wall or just prop up against a stiff surface. Fill it with colourful sticky notes and you’ve got yourself a superb looking accessory which reminds you when to buy milk too!

8 – Rearrange your furniture

Finally, the simplest method of them all is just to feng shui your way to a better-looking home. With a few moves here and there you can completely revitalise the look of your home and give you the chance to fall in love with it all over again like when you first moved into it.

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