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New Beginnings For Home Rent Malta

by Julie McKenzie
10th February 2016
Category:   Blog Features

Home Rent Malta has new owners moving in. We are pleased to announce that a new duo from  Fresh Lettings Malta will be taking over the site and giving it a fresh overhaul.

Owner Julie McKenzie is going to be concentrating on her successful property sales company  San Martin Properties and Home Sale Malta and is handing over the reigns to business owners of Fresh Lettings Malta, Lisa Barker and Robert Gilbert Warsop.

It’s good to see this new team developing their business here in Malta with the same ethics and forward thinking approach that we started out with at Home Rent Malta.

Lisa says, “We would like to thank Julie for giving us this opportunity with Home Rent Malta. Just as we were on the cusp of launching Fresh Lettings Malta we were given the option of taking over the site. We plan to make some changes to revitalize it and hopefully these will be completed by the end of February.

“Between Robert and I  we have a lot of experience working with tenants, legalities and landlords. We originated from the UK where there is a law system that equals a housing act and has a number of support agencies working in conjunction with them. We are quite aware it’s quite different here , however that does not mean to say we can not give people the benefit of our expertise and  guidance on how to be a responsible Landlord or tenant”

“Fresh Lettings Malta is  a small agency, gaining a good reputation for our customer service. Our goal is to accommodate short stay visitors, relocation clients and provide long let accommodation, with a portfolio of Malta homes, which we personally select for their warmth, character and have been maintained to a good standard.”

“Our thinking is very simple, there are many lovely homes in Malta that often lie vacant whilst owners spend time away and could be used by traveller’s that are tired of staying in charmless and overpriced hotels and require self catering  accommodation. Many homes are  ideal for long stay visitors on work vocations and our relocation clients who wish to settle for a new life away from the UK.”

“Since launching our relocation service back in early 2015 we seem to have hit a chord and have had very happy feedback from customers and hence we are growing from those reviews. Today our tenant base comprises of tourists, business traveller’s, and  an expat community that is forever growing who are in need of short and long-term accommodation for what ever reason that may be.”

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